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We liked Game of Thrones way before it became a TV show, you know.

Winter has not come yet, but season three is finally here! BRACE YOURSELVES. Want to share your hipster geniality? Send us your idea on the ask box or submit your work! Are you too cool for that?!

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August 1st

Anonymous asked:

I would compliment you for creating this amazing blog and tell you how awesome it is but that would be too mainstream, non? xP

Yup. Too mainstream. We don’t approve compliments.



Anonymous asked:

I have some ideas, but i'm affraid to send them because most are from A Dance with Dragons. Is it possible to put something alerting people about spoilers? Like some sites do, you click and it opens so you don't spoil it for people who don't know, does tumblr support such things?

No worries, you can send them anyway. There’s a “read more” option on tumblr. ;D

July 6th

Anonymous asked:

did you stop submitting? D:

Just for a bit! We’ll be back soon ;) 


Anonymous asked:

Please tell me you're not going to stop this amazing tumblr until the next season or book, i can't take it

The tension would be interesting, but no… I’m not gonna wait a year! xD I’m just working too much and haven’t got time to think hipster lately :(